Github Actions Push to Github Container Registry Forbidden [SOLVED]

When using GITHUB_TOKEN (dynamic token that is generated per each Gitub Actions run) to push images from Github Actions the following error shows up:

ERROR: failed to solve: failed to push<repo>:<sha>: unexpected status from HEAD request to<repo>/blobs/sha256:<sha>: 403 Forbidden

Reserach landed on the following links:

So the issue is related to the lack of permissions of Github Actions. The ultimate solution mentioned here.


It seems there are mulitple ways how GH will create a package. Depending on which path you take It seems to assign different set of “Action Permissions” to the packge/docker repository when it gets implicitly crated by the first push. This implicit creation of the package/docker repository can be triggered by a manual/remote (PAT) based initial push or by GH Actions using the configured authentication. Results seem to differ.

So to fix this, head over to $yourOrganization → Packages → $yourPackage → Package settings (to the right / bottom)

And configure “Manage Actions access” section to allow the git repository in question write permissions on this package/docker repository

The solution is to do the following




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