Hi, I'm Dmitry!

Cloud Infrastructure Architect with a proven track record of 10+ years of production experience in AWS and more than 15 years of overall industry experience.

Expert in Terraform, Containerization and plenty of relevant hands-on experience in designing and implementing scalable systems in many industries as a short- and long-term consultant.

  • Dozens of successful projects with full Infrastructure as Code implementation (I prefer Terraform, Git, Github Actions).
  • Battle-tested solutions to bootstrap any AWS infrastructure in a very short time.
  • Expert in resilient self-healing IaC AWS infrastructure. CI and full cycle configuration management that actually works.
  • Experienced with container orchestration tools: Docker, ECS & EKS.
  • Developer Experience advocate: prefer Software Engineering Teams to be free from operational toil, while still having access to change.
  • Sufficient amount of production experience to maintain & troubleshoot complex systems and make complex decisions.
  • More than a decade of experience with Docker. Able to design and implement complex image delivery pipelines.
  • Coding in Python, JavaScript/TypeScript, GoLang and Shell (tooling, rather than products).
  • Enjoy problem-solving and implement blame-less troubleshooting approach. Able to solve both local and distributed issues.
  • Equally capable of building infrastructures from scratch and maintaining existing infrastructures with or without proper documentation.

These days I’m mostly consulting as a fractional Cloud Architect / DevOps Engineer. I enjoy working with small and mid-size startups, where I can leverage a mix of my technical and business skills. Depending on my load I am can be available for 5-20 hours per week.

I also take projects with fixed scope. Examples include:

Usually it takes a fixed amount of time.

Sometimes people reach out to me when there is an issue with their application (usually performance). I enjoy getting to the root-cause of it, propose fixes by which the team can be unblocked.

In exceptional cases I accept full-time projects, but only if I can make a significant impact and truly believe in the project.

I sometimes work with Toptal, a well-known Talent Network. I can recommend it. Fun fact: if you google “TopTal DevOps” you’ll land on a page where I’m #1. There are definitely much better Cloud Architects out there, but I’m still humbled by such an honor.

I just log my experience, thoughts and observations here. My hope is they will be useful to you or myself in the future (See What’s Second Head?). Sometimes thoughts are more structured and may end up in How To.