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This is a Now Page and is inspired by Derek Sivers.

 Last updated on 2024-02-04 03:21:00 +0000 UTC.

Frankly, defining Work and Non-Work is a bit of a challenge for me, since I enjoy my work so much.

I’ll use Work to describe what I do most of the time and Non-Work to describe what I’m doing in-between.


These days I’m mostly focused on consulting as a fractional Cloud Architect / DevOps Engineer. I enjoy working with small and mid-size startups, where I can leverage a mix of my technical and business skills. Depending on my load I can be available for 5-20 hours per week (reach out).

These projects occupy the biggest chunk of my time on a regular basis.

I use my hands-on skills as an SRE, DevOps or Cloud Architect

For the list of past projects see Past Projects.

Since I enjoy SRE & DevOps so much (maybe too much) I decided to challenge myself and start building projects where I can stay away from anything DevOps-related.

I tend to write in Python, Go and TypeScript. I try to do my best no to get involved in infrastructure work as much as possible while doing my Lab Projects.

  • Stack: Python, Flask, Supabase, TypeScript
  • Deployment: Google App Script, Hetzner Cloud, Kamal
  • Description: Tool that helps solopreneurs to track their travel expenses and maximize deductions.

I use it a lot myself, but there is no public version yet.

  • Stack: Python, Flask, Playwright
  • Deployment: Hetzner Cloud, Kamal
  • Description: Tool that helps you find best route using travel redemptions for your travel direction.

Still MVP, I’m working on the automated search at the moment using Playwright.


This is a hard one to point out, since the Work section is basically what I enjoy the most.

Learned a tiny bit of Japanese recently.

I love languages. At the moment I can communicate in English, Russian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Croatian and Ukrainian and some others at varying levels.

I got a KORG nanoKEY2, and I’m having a lot of fun with it.

Also discovered a free DX7 plugin Dexed and got really impressed.

I travel a lot for a mix of business and pleasure. I’ve been to Japan some time ago and it turned out to be a good combination of both.

I’ve played Hitman 3 recently and really enjoyed it. I’m often “late to the game”. Sometimes too late, and I have not played GTA V yet.