Code Pipeline Custom Git Provider: Clone FAILED [SOLVED]

Something to dislike AWS Code Pipeline for is that if you are using a self-hosted git server (GitLab Community or similar), it requires a custom Lambda function that would be performing the clone functions. (I can’t believe this is an official documentation how to Use third-party Git source repositories in AWS CodePipeline

But if you are stumbled upon a dreaded “Source Failed”, like this:


Sadly you won’t be able to find any useful information within Code Pipeline itself. No logs, errors. Nothing.

  1. Head out to AWS Lambdas in your region
  2. Search for something like git or custom or code, so the code pipeline that does the git clone shows up
  3. Scroll down and click on “View CloudWatch Logs”.
  4. Open most recent Log Group and search for CodeBuild Build Status is FAILED or just FAILED
  5. Find relevant logs above, for me it was Error while executing command: git submodule foreach git pull origin $Branch. Reason: exit status 128
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